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This is a selection of the services offered by Driftwood Studio and its directors.

Kawa Creative is a personal & professional development programme based on David Nixon’s work as an Occupational Therapist with the Kawa Model Global Development Team. 

“We use the metaphor of a river to understand life flow, processes, resources and opportunities from the perspective of the individual. The Kawa Creative programme uses the river metaphor specifically to support creative exploration, growth and development. 

Introduction to Kawa to download PDF on Kawa click here

Working the Room is our flagship training event and uses principles, games and exercises from the performing arts to develop your professional presentation skills. Whether it is for public speaking, facilitation, teaching, lecturing or simply building your confidence, working the room is a must have piece of training. 

For details see the brochure click here

Work the room training session.

Above picture from a recent Work the room training session. 

All Driftwood Studio artists are available for commissions and private work. 

Working with a Driftwood Artist means being provided with care and attention every step of the way. 

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David Nixon is available for public speaking on the following subjects:

  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Creative Process
  • The Kawa Model
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